Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Happenings

Well let me see where did I leave off? Ah yes, Cutie Pie's birthday celebration. Well since then we had a 2 week battle with the FLU! It was AWFUL, but praise the Lord we recovered and the next two viruses the children caught were a walk in the park ; )

Spring always comes early in VA and it is very hard to stick to the books!! So I won't bore you with school work, because,

baby chicks have hatched!

That is just one of the seven that Mama Sarah hen hatched two weeks ago.

Then Treasure Hunter went to Tractor Supply for lawn mower oil and walked out with these:

there are fish to be caught! Sweetness' trophy fish caught entirely by herself!

doll houses to be built for the kids (by Treasure Hunter)

Eve thinks it is her house!

She does look quite cmfortable don't you think?

OK we really need to get back to square roots, compound sentences, lymphatic system, the Wright Brothers... just as soon as we finish painting

Thank you Lord for the privilege to HOMESCHOOL!

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Anonymous said...

them there is some awful cute baby chicks ^_~