Monday, May 12, 2008

Ole Mother Buzzard

My Mother's Day began with Cutie Pie bringing me notes of a secret coded language from his stuffed animals. He had to read it to me as I did not understand penguin language.

Treasure Hunter and I joined efforts in cooking a pancake and bacon breakfast. Then I snuggled between my two blessings on the couch and opened a bird book. Birds have been a huge topic of interest here of late. We discovered that buzzard eggs are incubated up to 5 weeks, and it was high time we checked up on Mother Buzzard.

Treasure Hunter took the children along a different path to the old house containing the buzzard's nest and they were very surprised when they reached their destination. They heard the pitter patter on the top floor and they walked with careful anticipation up the steep staircase and was greeted with a "Hisssssss" from baby buzzard. There was only one, for the other egg was still in the nest. They did not hang out too long, but picked me a beautiful bouquet of purple iris and returned home to tell me of their adventure.

Then Sweetness drew an amazing picture of mama buzzard flying in the air with a bone in her mouth to feed the baby buzzard. She also remembered to draw the nest with the lonesome egg. Treasure Hunter could not be persuaded to bring that buzzard egg home like the goose egg he rescued from the lake several weeks ago.

So Happy Mother's Day all you sweet mama's! Having a nestful of children is God's most treasured gift. And Happy Mother's Day Mrs. Buzzard. Stay tuned as there is a bird's nest on the corner of our porch!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Prayer Matters

I just love the way God works! Allow me to share a praise report with you. My sweet 5 year old boy has always been shy. This was hard for me to understand coming from a very outgoing family, being very friendly myself, and having a daughter who inherited my genes and never meets a stranger. So when Cutie Pie would grunt and growl at the little ole ladies who make over his blue eyes in the grocery stores I was aghast and confused. And he also hates crowds of people and would rather sit in the vehicle by himself than join in all the fun. I could not even entice him out of the truck for apple pie.

I solicited the help of a Titus 2 mentor in my life. My sister n'law Christine, who is a mother of two fabulous grown children. Her advice was to ask Cutie Pie why he was shy and uncomfortable around strangers and crowds of people. As simple as it sounds it was very profound and opened up a dialogue and understanding between Cutie Pie and myself.

"Why are you so shy," I asked

"I don't know? I just feel uncomfortable around strangers," he replied

So I suggested, "Let's make a deal. I will not pressure you to speak to strangers. I ask that you just look downward and mommy will explain to people that you're uncomfortable around strangers. NO growling or nasty looks. OK?"


Well, we were at an antique store and a strange lady asked Cutie Pie the name of the stuffed animal he was holding. He looked at her and you could tell he was struggling, turning a little red in the face, but he politely answered, "I have not named it yet." We have not been able to practice our "deal" as our talk seemed to help him come out of his shell! Thank you Aunt Christine!

Then we tackled the issues of crowds. Sweetness and I were attending a HS function recently and Cutie Pie was adamant that he was staying home with dad. About 10 mins before we left I invited and encouraged him to go with us. He agreed and we rushed to get him ready. Before we left I told him to remember his manners towards people and that he could stay close to mama, but he could not hide under my shirt, nor stay in the car. Once at the function he was already regretting his decision. He was trying to hide under my shirt and there was absolutely no room for his head under my shirt.

So I took him to the bathroom and asked him not to hide under my shirt. That he may stand beside me quietly. Then we prayed that the Lord would help him. Before the night was over he had left my side and was fluttering around with his social butterfly sister. On the way home he said, "I am so proud of myself! I am glad I came!"

Then yesterday was another test. We went to another HS function at a park. Before we left I told Cutie Pie he could not sit in the car. And to remember our deal of now growling and nasty looks. He cried, "I want sissy to play with me!" Cutie Pie does not share very well and especially not his sister! His one and only playmate most of the time. We prayed before we left, that God would help Cutie Pie have a good time and play nicely with the other kids. When we first arrived the park he did nto want to get out of the car. I had to pull him from his carseat. Then he hid under my jacket as I talked with other moms. One of the ladies commented on my 4 legs : /

Sweetness soon came over to the tables for a drink and Cutie Pie grabbed her hand and off they went to play. He came back over to the table crying, "Sissy is not playing with me." I told him, "Sissy is playing with everybody, so you have to share Sissy and play with everybody too." So off he went! He truly had a fabulous time, met new people and shared his sister.

OK! Stay with me! I'm almost done.

Last night Treasure Hunter took the children to the lake. About 10 mins later Cutie Pie bursts through the door exclaiming, "Mama! The pontoon boat is gone! Somebody broke the rope! Sissy and daddy went looking for it. I'm going to change my clothes and go pray!" So he changed his clothes, then went into my bedroom and shut the door! He came out a few minutes later and said, "I prayed God would help daddy and sissy find the boat."

We walked back down to the lake and lo, here comes daddy and sissy bringing the stray boat back to shore. Cutie Pie exclaimed, "My prayers helped mama! God helped them find the boat."

"Yes! God hears your prayers and He will help us!"

I think God showed Cutie Pie the fruitfulness of prayer. I truly believe God helped him overcome his shyness, and he has learned that God does hear our prayers.

Thank you Lord for helping me teach my children that prayer matters.