Monday, December 29, 2008

Heartfelt Hanukah

We lit our eighth candle last night, read our Bible verses and said our prayers. Then Sweetness played us Long, Long, Ago and another beautiful song she has learned. THis has really been a precious time for our family and we will continue this tradition each year. Our candles were a miracle itself. I posted earlier that it was Hanukah and our candles had not arrived. They're still not here! We made some homemade candles, but the wicks didn't work very well. So the next night we shaved down some taper candles to fit. The next day Treasure Hunter went shopping at an indoor flea market, Slindy's. He was sifting through a box of candles to collect more for melting and candle making seeing how Sweetness loved this activity. And what do you think he found in that box? YES! A brand new, unopened box of Hanukah candles from Israel no less. We were thrilled and praised God for His provisions.

Our next Biblical Holiday will be Purim from Esther 9:20.

'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty.
Zechariah 4

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Preparations were underway Christmas Eve! We decorated our Happy Birthday Jesus Cake and iced our tongues!

Christmas Morning Angels!

Everybody got what was on their list! Well at least Sweetness got a small herd of ponies, she is still wishing for a REAL horse.

Charlie Brown aka Cutie Pie

Here's Cutie Pie announcing to everyone on the call list, "I got an old-timey typewriter for Christmas. It really works!"

YES! The typewrite really works! There is still ink in that old ribbon. The old-timey telephone works too!

"Maybe next year I'll get a big telephone like this one!" (have you seen what those phones sell for in the antique store?) Don't throw ANYTHING away!

Christmas is in your heart! It is what you celebrate in your heart that matters the most!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Homemade Hanukah

This is our first year celebrating Hanukah. We have learned a LOT studying the history of Hanukah and preparing for the holiday. We just got our Menorah last week. Cutie Pie was intrigued as he loves anything that does not come in a toy decorated package ; ) I sat the Menorah upon the shelf and said, “This is not a toy.” Well of course it was not a toy which was all the more appealing to Cutie Pie. So he began to cry and asked if I would look on eBay and buy him a “toy” Menorah. Hmmm… seeing how the Menorah was not made of glass I said, “Ok, go on and play with Menorah, if it means that much.”

Cutie Pie thus sang to Menorah, drew pictures w/ Menorah, swung on his indoor swing with Menorah and last but not least I nearly fell out of my chair when he presented Menorah all dressed in sister’s doll clothes! Had I not been taking care of Sweetness, who was recovering from a stomach bug, I would have taken a picture! His Menorah fascination was satisfied and he did not even say “hello” to Menorah the next day.

As much as we learned about Hanukah, there was still more to learn. For instance, the calendar states Hanukah begins on Dec. 22. HOWEVER, the Jewish people begin their days at sunset, so Hanukah really began the evening of Dec. 21. But we had NO candles yet. I was hoping they would arrive in the mail from Israel today Dec. 22. I called a store who stocked them, but they were sold out. So here we were on our very first Hanukah with NO candles.

But God came through for us and just as He supplied the small, one day supply jar of oil and miraculously allowed it to burn for 8 days, he gave Treasure Hunter an awesome idea. Treasure Hunter took all our old candles, melted them down, then he and Sweetness made homemade dipped candles just the right size for the Menorah.

So we were able to light the first candle, say a prayer, and recite John 8:12 together as a family. Sweetness said, “Mama I prayed that God would help us light the Menorah tonight and He did.” Yes, our God can do anything but fail.

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

Happy Hanukah!

Friday, December 12, 2008


In hopes of eliminating Christmas traditions that we feel dampen our Christmas spirits, we decided to take a family vacation and make Christmas memories!

We drove down the boardwalk and seen a spectacular light display that was very tastefully constructed!

And the weather was awesome as you can see!

We enjoyed the hotel amenities as well!

I believe we will remember this Christmas for the rest of our lives! Happy Birthday Jesus!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Before Christmas Vacation!

If I don’t start blogging now there will be way to much catchin’ up to do! My goodness I am sooo behind in cyber world, but life in the real world is more organized than usual. HOWEVER, we’re about to embark on a Christmas vacation, so I best catch up before all the fun begins.

First stop -- 3 weeks ago with G’ma, G’pa B’s, Aunty and Uncle S visit! We had a nice time of fellowship. The men hunted deer and the gals hunted bargains at the thrift store -- my MIL loves to thrift shop! One day we took her for a hike alongside beautiful river view. She loves the outdoors! We even snuck in a day of tea w/ just Grandma the kids and myself. She loves tea. Did I mention that I dearly love my mom n’ law!! She’s such a pleasure to have around! She is an ornament of a quiet and meek spirit! We miss her so much and Cutie Pie asked to call her several times. Instead of asking me to recite her number each time he wanted to call he decided to write it down so he could call her anytime (thank goodness for unlimited long distance). Today they received notes from G’ma and that just made her day!

Next stop -- Thanksgiving. We had a cozy dinner at home! I had made this tradition of making a new recipe each Thanksgiving and well traditions were made to be broken and I broke that one in two! I am a bit challenged when it comes to cooking so preparing a new dish on one of the most festive days of the year was a bad idea. Thank God he hears the prayers of our children as Cutie Pie prayed, “that you would do good in the kitchen, mama!” So everything was hot on the table at one time and I didn’t burn a thing!

Finally -- We had a wonderful good play date with some new friends. We visited the American Frontier Culture Musuem where Bethanie ticked a mattress and squashed cabbage for saurkraut (sp?) We learned how Germany, Ireland, and England brought traditions that shaped the American Frontier. We enjoyed another impromptu playdate when our pino teacher’s mom asked us to stay for cookie baking! There were three families with eight kids and dozens of cookies!

Cutie Pie has begun piano lessons this week! I love watching those little legs dangle below the piano bench as he plays his two finger song!

Today we will make Christmas cards and some tree ornaments!

Well, I reckon that catches me up so I can blog about our Christmas vacation when we return!