Monday, September 14, 2009


We interrupt this regularly scheduled homeschool to bring you this BEACH VACATION, BIBLE BEE & BAPTISM! All in ONE week!

The skies were blue and traffic light along our detour route to Corova Beach, NC. So it took a few extra hours, but we figured cotton fields were more attractive than bumpers! We arrived Corolla around 4ish and decided to cram what groceries we could fit amongst our luggage before we headed to our rental home. That was a good decision as 7 miles at 15 mph on a 4x4 only beach took longer than we expected. The tide was coming in. Not yet high tide, but way past low tide. Don’t laugh! This was our first time ever driving on the beach. It was a little like driving in deep snow, but still not what Treasure Hunter, transplanted from Syracuse, NY expected. Nevertheless we made it! Praise the Lord!

Our accommodations were more than we needed, but hey the price was right. Six bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, game room and of course living room and kitchen. There was a nice sandy yard for the kids to play and an ocean view from the third floor. We also loved the wrap around deck on the middle and upper levels. A big bright moon welcomed us to the beach that first night. Sweetness and Cutie Pie enjoyed their “bath in the ocean.” Cutie Pie has come a long way from being scared to death of the “BUBBLES.” I still remember his first trip to the beach when he was only 2.

Sunday was GORGEOUS! We were all excited at our first wild pony sighting! Get the camera QUICK. Let me zoom in as close as I can before they slip away.

The next thing I know they’re walking up the sand road and into our front yard!

Now they’re at the back door! My kids are petting them? Hey wait a minute I thought these were WILD PONIES!

The dear creatures took shelter from the sun in the shade of the back deck. The mare was drooling from what I thought was thirst. We offered her some tap water from the outdoor faucet. She took one sniff of that water, snorted and walked away! Wait, wait! Come back! We don’t drink the pee colored water either! It smelled like pool water, yet all the chlorine could not make it clear. I’m still wondering what those ponies drink. A little while later a family of ponies visited us! We didn’t offer them any water.

Monday was raining and we went shopping…

Tuesday was raining and we watched the Super Nanny marathon. My kids love Jo and are begging me to have her come to our house for a visit. “But you are good kids and we don’t need nanny to come,” I said.

“No mama, we want her to come teach you how to use the naughty chair!” they replied.

“That’s ok sweet ones, mama’s discipline works just fine,” I said with a big fake grin!

OK so where were we? Wednesday? Yes. Beautiful sun shiney day with 35 mph wind gust. Which would have been nice if we need graffiti sand blasted off the side of our house. We did manage to block the wind somewhat with our vehicle. Treasure Hunter tried to bury Cutie Pie in the sand, but a spot to swim formed instead!

Another great spot to swim! A pond in the middle of the beach left over from the rain and high surf!

Sweetness made a sea shell castle!

Treasure Hunter swung the detector and found a few nails YIKES our tires!

And I wrote in the sand.

Thursday was rain again! Seems Tuesday’s storm was coming back for round 2! No big deal, we’ll just go shopping again, because we’re out of junk food anyways. We were careful to go out at low tide this time, but much to our surprise the surf was way above HIGH TIDE! We were stuck! Uggghhh… So back to the house we go. We tried to play monopoly, but greed took over and soon the board and all its tokens, hotels, houses landed in the floor : / We like Sorry and card games much better.

Treasure Hunter, suffering from cabin fever, took a walk out on the beach. The kids and I refused to go out in the wind, so we stayed home for another episode of Super Nanny. The wind was really kicking up and I found myself checking to see if Treasure Hunter would be returning soon. The sky was sooooo black and I know that I know I seen a small funnel cloud forming. I gasped for air when at the same time a gust of wind blew the wooden chair across the porch. “Oh Lord! Please watch over my hubby.” I no longer said that prayer than this appeared in the sky.

It’s Friday morning. The skies are turning blue, the wind is calm and it’s time to pack up and go home!!! WE took the short route home figuring the Labor Day weekend traffic had dwindled and much to our delight the traffic was light.

We would have stayed one more day, but Sweetness was scheduled to compete in the first annual Bible Bee Competition. And what a blessed day that was. I admit I grumbled and complained about the Bible Bee. I mean 270 verses was a LOT to memorize, with only 8 to be called out for the children to recite. But it finally hit me that all over America kids at their local Bible Bee were proclaiming God’s Word in their recitations! And on Nov. 5 the top 100 winners of the local competitions will compete at the National Bible Bee in Washington DC! The winner of our Bee will be announced Sept 18, so stay tuned : )

One more special event to report!!! Sweetness was baptized yesterday, September 13, 2009. She has been saved for two years now! The Holy Spirit was really moving in her heart when she said, “Mama we really have to go to church.”

“Yes, I know honey.” I faintly replied, not wanting anything to do with church or organized religion ever again.

“NO! Mama. We HAVE to go to church! I NEED to be baptized.” she insisted.

So after many invitations from my neighbor we attended her church and have been goin there for a year now. Sweetness was baptized along with 4 other young girls in the congregation, including my neighbors daughter. It truly was a blessed day as each girl was invited to share their testimony, scripture or special song. Sweetness asked that we all sing Amazing Grace before she was baptized. So we all sang and she proclaimed her salvation before God and man. I have no still pictures as the motion cam was running! I look forward to sharing this special event with our loved ones who were not able to attend this special day.

OK! Back to school today? No way! God has other plans. We get to entertain FOUR of our bestest friends today! I feel so blessed I think I might BURST! God is so good ALL THE TIME!