Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer 2011 Reflections

It’s that time of year again! I should be putting the finishing touches on our school room. Before we hit the books, I want to post the highlights of our summer and the wishes for the upcoming school year.

This year’s vacation was spent in my hometown of West Virginia. My mom celebrated her 80th birthday this year, so my seven siblings and I gathered to wish her a Happy Birthday. She was delighted to have all 8 children gathered together for her 80th birthday. We took lots of pictures!

One of my mom’s birthday wishes was to go bowling, so my sister surprised her with a trip to the bowling alley. She was very surprised!

My mom is a coal miner’s daughter, so we insisted she take a tour of the Exhibition Coal Mine with us. The trip was more informative and entertaining with her by our side. She remembered a lot of details from the days of growing up in a coal camp.

Actual homes of coal miners, a school, and a church were relocated to the exhibition grounds to form a coal camp for tourists to visit. In the larger superintendent’s house some of the bedrooms were transformed into an early 1900’s doctor’s office, barber shop, and post office. My mom remembers having her hair curled with this machine!

We also toured the church. Here’s Cutie Pie pictured beside his latest infatuation. He really wants one for Christmas.

Our family stayed in a cozy cabin that was conveniently located near a beautiful lake and park. We had several cookouts and I was able to talk to my brother and his family (whom I have not seen for 13 years). We had wonderful good conversations about the Lord and I am so thankful God afforded me an opportunity to sew some seeds. Now to stay in touch w/ some water, and fertilizer : )

I have to show you this picture of the beautiful rock ledges located just behind our cabin.

Before summer’s end we celebrate my birthday!

Here’s wishing for a wonderful school year!

Hey catch that boy before he gets away.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Friend Once Told Me

Praying for God to act/help in your child's life means you have to stay out of the way when He does!!
When HE acts it very well could be painful for your child, indeed...BUT-
nothing makes us cry out to God like pain and suffering.
Parents must stop 'protecting' their children from the pain and suffering caused by their choices, or they will never 'cry out to God'.