Sunday, November 29, 2009

Keeper's at Home

My prayer for Heartfelt Homeschool is that God would teach us what we need to know to further His Kingdom. There are many activities for children to participate and before becoming actively involved I try to remember to pray about it before diving in. I want whatever we do to be glorifying to God and there have been times when we’ve passed the boundary that leads to the path of destruction. Worldly pleasures are disguised in sheep’s clothing. Thank you God for gently pulling us back onto the right road.

God’s Word tells the older women to teach the younger women to be keeper’s at home! So I prayed the Lord would send these older women into our lives to teach us! Why am I so amazed when God answers prayers? He is amazing! For God has sent us Mrs. Jenny & Mrs. Lisa. Mrs. Jenny, from Mennonite heritage, mother of 7, grandmother of 12, has graciously offered to share her gift of sewing with young moms and daughters. She invited us to her home where she showed us her grandfather’s 100 year old quilt hand sewn from men’s leftover shirts. I'd have that thing framed!

We picked our first quilting patterns and began quilting class last Saturday and plan to meet every Saturday this winter. What a blessing for her to share her time and talents with us.

And Mrs. Lisa is a lady of many talents who serves the Lord with a heart of gladness! She is the one who organized our quilting bee and recruited Mrs. Jenny to help. Lisa’s vision is for us all to create gifts that will bless those in need.

So here are some pictures of our first projects.

Sweetness and her quilt

This is my tree skirt. It was altered by the faux 1/4" on my sewing machine and didn't turn out "perfect" although it still wraps nicely around the tree.

I am feeling very guilty for desiring a new sewing machine, but if I'm serious about quilting it's a must have. So I'll leave it in the Lord's hands. As Mrs. Jenny says, "Everything I own belongs to the Lord and I must share my blessings. You're welcome to take my machine home and use it all you like." I just couldn't do that, but we sure do like going to her house and sewing.

Stay tuned. Cutie Pie got stung by the quilting bee too!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Family Fun

November would not be the same if it were not for Thanksgiving celebration or our B family's annual visit. Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle and Aunt arrived on Sunday with lots of hugs for the children

We enjoyed a few good days of weather and we took G'ma and Aunt Shelly to one of our favorite places that we don't hike alone. I forgot my camera, but here is a picture from last year at the same place! Grandma likes it there as much as we do : )

The weather turned rainy as a noreaster dawned upon us the third day of their visit. So we did a lot of shopping and so thankful that Grandma loves the thrift stores too!

The time passed by so quickly and it was time to say goodbye. I regret not taking pictures of Grandma doing crafts with the kids. Sweetness wore the shirt they painted w/ fabric paint for two days! They really enjoy time with their grandparents and are making arrangements to meet them at the beach next year! We're thinking of exlploring the northern atlantic for a change.

Some may say, "it's good to see 'em come and good to see 'em go!" And while this is true there tends to come a tinge of loneliness when a house empties. So Treasure Hunter decided we would have a fun day -- just us four after church on Sunday. We packed a picnic lunch and drove to Big Meadows on Skyline Drive! We have been living here for 16 years and this was our first time up there! It was gorgeous and we realized as we gazed upon the mountains and looked at the map that we were in our backyard!

After eating our lunch with our jackets on we started on an adventurous trail walk. Lewis Falls is just 1.2 miles. Sounds easy enough! Cutie Pie attempted to push rocks off the ledge!

We said, "peek-a-boo" to some deer.

Analyzed the shelter probabilities of an overhang.

And found some freshwater mollusk shells? This made Sweetness (who is wild about seashells since our visit to the beach) so very happy!

She needed this extra boost to help her continue this 1.2 mile trail that suddenly became arduous!

Notice we lost the jackets? It was quite warm on the west side of the mountain!

And look what was at the end of our trail. OK. Not exactly Niagara, but hey they're hard to beat.

I knew going down this trail that going back up would be TOUGH! For Sweetness and I that is. Treasure Hunter gained at least 100 yards on us and Cutie Pie was amazingly keeping up with his daddy's stride. I had to kick into story mode for Sweetness or she would have moaned the rest of the way back all the while taking breaks every 25 feet. She became engrossed in the story of the little girl who rescued freshwater mollusk shells?? from a tyrant hunter and completely forgot about the physical exertion required to reach the top. I'll have to share one of my toe biting goat stories with my blog viewers some day.

We were nearly at the end of the trail and my imagination being zapped when Treasure Hunter motioned for us to come forward. Quickly, but quietly, we scurried up the trail and once our eyes focused beheld this breathtaking sight.

Can't see him? How's this for a close up!

He sat still as a statue and let me take multiple pictures of him!
What a wonderful ending eh? I dare say the Falls were a bit disappointing, but it was worth the walk up and down that hill to see that owl! I heard my first owl hooting in the woods around our house and now I laid eyes upon that endearing creature!

I'll have more breathtaking pictures to share of something Sweetness and I have been working on. And please don't tell Sweetness that those freshwater mollusk shells are shells alright. Pistachio nut shells! LOL. OK! So I truly didn't know until Treasure Hunter told me. They were laying in a puddle of water! And oddly enough we found the SAME kind of shells in the Chic Filet parking lot yesterday! OK STOP LAUGHING! Homeschooling is for parents who want an extended education because they slept through the first! And enchantments are for childhood, so why not be a fairy tale!

Until next time please enjoy the repetitive tune that Cutie Pie recently learned on the piano.

Thank you God for your beautiful Creations and for your Word that has no end!

Remember your Creator before the silver cord is loosed,
Or the golden bowl is broken,
Or the pitcher shattered at the fountain,
Or the wheel broken at the well.
Then the dust will return to the earth as it was,
And the spirit will return to God who gave it.
Ecclesiastes 12:6-7