Thursday, October 16, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

I don't have a picture for this one, so imagine with me if you will...

Sweetness played her song "Long Ago" on the piano for daddy last night. Yes teh very song she was convinced she could NEVER play. She played smoothly, without skipping a beat or note.

Then she said, "Look daddy! I picked a fish sticker for you," while pointing to the sticker she received as a reward from her teacher.

"Oh yeah?" daddy replied.

"Yeah this song reminds me of you, because you like so many things from 'long ago.'" Sweetness explained.

And the two of them exchanged warm hugs.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Best Friends

Hop Skip Jump -- there she goes!

Hop Skip Jump -- there he follows!

HOP SKIP JUMP -- Back she goes

"SISSY!!!!! HELP" Hop Skip Jump -- Back he goes!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tooth Fairy

Hugs and kisses
Fairy tales and wishes
That's what little kids are made of...

Sweetness lost her 8th tooth yesterday while I was reading Providence: The Story of Roger Williams. She just kept on a wiggling and the next thing ya know she spit out a tooth.

Well, last night she left it on her nightstand even though the neighbor friend told her there are "No such things as tooth fairies." Sweetness wanted to believe.

Sigh... what can I say? Is it ever "OK" to tell a lie? Is the tooth fairy a lie?

Well, this a.m. Sweetness comes into my room, lays down beside me and says, "I guess there is no such thing a tooth fairy." And she disappointedly drops her tooth into my hand.

MY EYES WERE BIG AS SAUCERS!!! I FORGOT : ( So, I tried to redeem myself by counting out the $1 bills in my wallet and I had exactly $8. So I handed it to her and she said, "Thanks mom!!!!!!" Then with a very understanding sweet grin (missing a few spaces) she also said, "You must have just been really tired last night."

Oh thank God for the forgiving spirit He gives to children. We can learn so much from our kids.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

MORE Surprises!

The snake pictured below is a HOGNOSE! I wished we would have at least poked him just a bit to see his theatrical defense mechanisms, but not knowing he was harmless, we let him be. Well, after our indoor studies we went on another marvelous nature walk.

Look who greeted us in the chicken coop!


We truly thought he was tangled in the wire of my hatchlings cages (thank goodness there were no hatchlings or broody hens in there). We went to call our dearest neighbor who ain’t afraid of snakes and ask her to bag him and take him away from the coop. But by the time we ran to the house for the phone and called (her line was busy) and came back the scoundrel was gone. If only he was as good at eating the backyard moles as he was at fresh eggs : /

Even though our hearts were beating a little faster, the walk to the creek was more quiet today! We took our water sample. We had to stir up the slime on the rocks and trap it into the bottle. We poured out most of the water and then put the slimey substance on a paper towel to dry overnight. Stay tuned to see if the dried substance sticks to our magnets.

Just when the kids said, “The walk to Rocky Creek wasn’t as exciting as yesterday,” we found this in our front yard!

Oh, and before the night was over, look what Treasure Hunter brought home!

Thank you God for your marvelous creations! They make our spirits soar!