Sunday, May 31, 2009

Plant Lapbooks!

We had a marvelous time learning about plants and constructing a lapbook! Give Sweetness scissors, paper and glue and she is a happy pupil! You should see her w/ needle and thread too! Cutie Pie loves whatever his sister loves, therefore he enjoyed making a lapbook too : O )

Cutie Pie Hard at Work!

His cover

Pages 1 & 2

Pages 3 & 4

Sweetness hard at work

Her cover

Pages 1 & 2

Pages 3 & 4

UP Next! Summer Plans!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

International Fair Take 2 & MORE!

Kahola Kahola HULA!

Smile on your face!

Hands on your waist!

Bend your knees and sway like a coconut tree! Kahola Hola with me!

My (((Mother's Day))) gift! A new bird bath. It was knocked over in the middle of the night by some hungry raccoons? Thankfully the birdbath survived w/ just a crack in the base. Eve! You better start earning your keep!

Eve has learned lay down and give me some tummy! When will she ever learn to keep the foxes and raccoons away?

We're having a wonderful good time learning about plants!

Plants absorb water from their stems!

Water your socks, put them in the sun and they'll


At the bird feeder we have Melissa & Dawne! Forever Friends!

Check back in next week for pony lesson English Style!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

International Fair!

OK! I'm late, but better than NEVER! I have a really good excuse. It seems I took a lot of pictures and video but not one still picture of Sweetness in her hula skirt and leis and Cutie Pie in his Hawaiian outfit. Maybe if I were not so particular I would have one by now, but I don't! Those who love me best will get a newspaper clipping of them in their outfits. With out further ado, here's the International Dinner Post!

This is the display that Sweetness worked very hard on, and Cutie Pie helped with a little bit

This is what Cutie Pie had to say! (I wrote while he narrated)
I liked the Int'l Dinner very much. I got to have lots of sweets and yummies. Pineapple was the best of all. I had fun playing with Mrs. M's daughter. She and I played by the palm tree. It was so much fun taking a nap on the way there. I ran out of energy, because I played and ate way too much. And I got very full from eating a lot. I sort of liked dancing the Hula with my sister. I had fun watching other people perform on the stage too. My really favorite food was the melted chocolate.

This is what Sweetness wrote:

The International Dinner was fun. I represented Hawaii. I performed the Hula. I served coconut macaroons and pineapple. My friend Katie was Joan of Ark from France. I liked all the foods except the veggies from Korea.

Here are some other displays I got good photographs of. I loved all of them, but wouldn't dare download them all on dino dialup!