Friday, July 31, 2009

Sweetness Turns 9

Remember Nine Days? Nine Weeks? Nine Months? And Now 9 YEARS! I know it sounds cliche, but it truly does go by fast and we all know it. Sweetness wanted a BIG birthday party this year with all her new friends from church. Of the 7 little girls invited 4 were able to come today (plus Cutie Pie). We had FUN:

Painting Ponies

Acting like chickens while waiting for pizza

Welcoming Felicity

Sharing Felicity

Eating cake and ice cream

I made a card for Sweetness last night. After everyone left she said, "I loved my card mama. I didn't know I meant so much to you."

"Yes, my sweet girl, you mean more than words can ever say. I just don't tell you often enough how much I love you."

Listen moms and dads! Our kids need to hear us say how special they are to us! And if you want to know how special you are! Just pick up the Bible and read starting with John 3:16

How many more days till Christmas?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vacation Road Trip

We arrived home from a fantastic vacation at 3:30 a.m. Saturday night. Sweetness insisted we drive all night, after G’mas and G’pas party so we could attend church on Sunday. She woke me by placing an alarm clock in my face (that I did not set) and said, “Mama are we too late for Sunday School?” My blurry eyes focused on the time. It was 9:30 and I said, “It’s too late for SS, but we can still make church service.” After stomping off in a disappointed huff, she came back moments later and said, “OK! Mama. I’m sorry. Lets go to church.”

Our vacation began on Monday at 7:30 a.m. We were Cincinnati bound to visit the Creation Museum and to meet my online friend of five years, Dawne. The butterflies were churning in my stomach and the thoughts rolling through my mind. While riding down the road, my phone vibrates and beeps… I had no idea I could receive text messages on my little emergency only trac phone. It was Dawne, texting, “How much longer?” I thought we would arrive 3:30ish as the directions I printed said 8 hour drive. But of course food and potty breaks were not calculated in that figure.

What can I say? All the nervousness was cast aside when I seen her waiting for me on the hotel porch. I could hardly wait for DH to stop the truck! And her DH took this surprise snapshot!

Our meeting was full of emotion, tears, hugging, pinching! This must be a dream, because I know we’re not in heaven. Our families ate dinner together that night. Dawne and I were seated across the table from one another and we both said,, “I can’t believe we’re eating dinner together.” Her children were so very well behaved! Cutie Pie was drawn to her oldest daughter, and Sweetness made a quick friendship with her 10 year old. The two of them have sooooo much in common. I am thankful for the time we had together and that she dropped everything to come meet me. We are praying about how the Lord will bring us together again.

The Creation Museum was very educational, inspiring and moving. The beginning of the tour gives you a glimpse of perfection. My steps were light as my heart beheld the beauty of God’s perfect creations. Adam and Eve enjoying each other’s company with no sin whatsoever in their hearts. Imagine a marriage like that? Then the fallen sinful room was hard to look upon. Disease, bloodshed, pain . . . My heart grew very heavy.

The Ark exhibit was astounding! The video clip of the earth being covered with water gives a whole new perspective on the magnitude of the universal flood. The model display of people perishing stirs a desire in my heart to witness to our neighbors, “Don’t be left behind!” The Last Adam movie was almost too much for the little ones as Sweetness could not bare the thoughts of the lamb being sacrificed and Jesus crucified. It was hard to watch. If I were the screenwriter I would have added a glimpse of what heaven may look like as that is our hope that Jesus’ shed blood gives each of us.

We also got to see Buddy Davis perform. He described how an Eagle will rise up above storm clouds and ride out the storm above the wind and rain. Then he sang a beautiful song, titled Soar. “When life’s storms awaits you SOAR!” We enjoyed his music so much that we bought 3 of his CD’s. I could talk forever abut the Museum, but that was not our only stop along this 1700 mile vacation.

After walking through the Museum a second time (it was less crowded at 5 p.m.) and stopping by the petting zoo and walking across the drawbridge twice (Cutie Pie loved that bridge), we were on our way to Niagara Falls, NY. We thought the falls, one of God’s marvelous creations, would be a nice addition to the Creation Museum. They were breathtaking!

We boarded the Maid of the Mist and rode out to get an “up close” view of the falls.

It was the better than any amusement park ride I have ever ridden! It was like riding on a ship in a stormy ocean! The wind, the waves, the huge gush of water that pummeled us. Thank goodness they gave us raincoats before we boarded or we would have all been drenched.

We also enjoyed walking the trail beside the falls while trying to comprehend how much water falls each second.!

After viewing the falls we drove a few hours to Syracuse for a visit with our B family. They were eagerly awaiting our arrival and wrapped us in warm, genuine hospitality. My kids love G’mas house and enjoyed playing with “ancient” Barbies and cars. They also like Auntie Sharyl's house with a nice big pool!

And rocking with Aunt Christine in the pool rocker!

G’ma & G’pa’s 50th Wedding Anniversary was June 27 and a grand 50’s Rock n’ Roll BBQ was planned in their honor. My sis’n-laws and bro’n-laws did an awesome job planning and preparing this party. They did not plan for a storm to blow up and uproot the penned canvas then dump it in the field. Of course the sun came out after they rerouted the tables to the living room. In the end everything was wonderful! Delicious food, precious fellowship with friends and family. I met extended family on my MIL’s side and enjoyed watching everyone reunite with each other.

So thankful to God for a safe journey and for friends and family. BTW Eve has finally forgiven me for leaving her!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The BEST 4th of July EVER!

Sweetness exclaimed, "This is the best 4th of July EVER!" It was certainly a memorable one.

We started the day off thanking God for our freedom in Christ Jesus. We ate Treasure Hunter's delicious pancakes and sausage links, then headed out for a hike. Along out way we found a frog under a rock who was very cold. Did I mention this has been the coldest 4th of July I ever remember? It was in the 50's overnight. My sweet mama said, "This is what you call a blackberry winter. I remember when I was a kid we couldn't eat our ice cream cones on the porch it was so cold!" So much for global warming eh?

We also ate some ripe raspberries at the top of our mountain hike. Thankfully the berries are not quite ripe for pickin and will wait until we return from our vacataion! On the way home Treasure Hunter spied a snake! I'm kickin' myself for forgetting the camera : ( The snake way grey with a yellow chin, so we definitely knew itw as not a blacksnake, so I'm thinking racer snake? Sure enough, as soon as Treasure Hunter poked him with a stick he took off fast as lightening, true to its name.

Then we packed up a cooler of food and headed out onto the lake in our pontoon boat. The weather had warmed up and was perfect for boating and swimming. We anchored the boat in the deep deep water and shouted "overboard!" as we all jumped in.

We returned home in time for a little ciesta before heading out to meet friends for fireworks! We sat upon a hill and watched the whole 15 min display that this little town has to offer.

We were just a little groggy heading for chruch this a.m. Well, at leat I was. My kids are always up and ready for church (a blessing I am so thankful for)! The message was awesome as we begin studying I Corinthians! And some friends asked us over for lunch at their home. It was a grand time of fellowship and yummy food.

Then I come home opened my email and find that my bestest girlfriend in the whole wide world is going to meet me at the Creation Museum!

So yes, I would have to agree! This is the BESTEST FOURTH OF JULY EVER! Thank you my Lord and Savior for the freedom that no man can ever take away.