Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

Can you believe there is only one more week in October? We had a field trip planned for haywagon ride, apple and pumpkin picking, but we were majorly rained out! The weather turned gorgeous again this week so we decided we had better get to the pumpkin patch!

The leaves are so pretty I can't resist taking pictures.

School is going well. WE have developed a routine that seems to be working most days. We begin with prayer and Bible reading. We are reading through the book of Matthew and memorizing scriptures along the way. The kids have done an amazing job memorizing the Beattitudes. We then continue our cozy couch time while I read aloud to them. Usually a science or geography related picture book. Then the children take turns reading to me. Cutie Pie enjoys reading the Henry and Mudge series by Cynthia Rylant and Sweetness reads a variety of books like the Chincoteague Pony, the 18 Cent Goose, Who Eats What etc...

Then it is tabletime where copywork, phonics, spelling, math, science and geography work is done. We do touch on a little history while visiting different countries in our geography studies. The children's favorite activity is to place the appropriate country flat on their passport and then color a picture of the flag. Canda was easy, there was only one color. I like to tell them what the symbols on the flag represent. We also read missionary stories from these countries and pray for various needs the people have. And do art related projects like leaf rubbings this week.

We have also began walking each morning before school and I feel this exercise gets the brain flowing. We actually don't begin school until after lunch as full tummies and exercised bodies makes a more relaxed subdued child ; ) WE usually finish up just in time to begin dinner. The only other thing we need to get back to is foreign language!

THEN! It's read aloud time in the evening and that is another favorite time. We read Tikta Liktak about an Inuit Indian who had quite an adventure on his search for food during a lean year. Amazing journey!

Well, that is it. Gotta get ready for another day that the Lord has Made! I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Country Roads! Take me Home!

Once again we interrupt this regularly scheduled homeschool for a trip to WV! I couldn't help it! The cool fall air and the autumn hues were calling me home. I began rehearsing in my mind that 1/2 mile walk from my bus stop in the chilly air hunger pangs spurring me up the hill to the front door of our little white house. I would shuffle my books enabling a hand to grab hold of the door that once opened enveloped me in delicious aromas, and warm big arms. It was time to go get a hug from my mommy.

We had a delightful visit. Even my dad was feeling good and played me a few songs on his guitar. The nieces and nephews are growing quickly and looking me eyeball to eyeball! We took up half the dining room at Cracker Barrell!! Sweetness and I traded seats so that we could talk to everyone. The cousins had a blast at the hotel's indoor pool.

Church service at my old church was pretty much the same as 30 years ago with a few changes. My brother hosts a puppet ministry for the chidlren now and Sweetness and Cutie Pie enjoyed that immensely. I walked down to check on them and give them cough drops if needed (we've had a dreaded cough for months now). And happened upon them praying together. There stood my brother and his family in a circle grapsing the hands of all the little children in a time of prayer.

The children are always invited to share a song and praise with the congregation after Sunday School. Something I truly miss with the church we attend here in VA. The very same sister in the Lord that sang with me when I was a child, Linda, got up with her same bubbly self and reviewed their day's lesson. The puppets were trying to work a puzzle in the dark and the children tried to help, but nothing was accomplished until the Light came on! Then Linda proclaimed, "Come on Kids lets sing!" And they burst into "I Saw the Light! I Saw the Light! No more darkness, no more night!" I spoke to Linda afterwards (who mind you has not aged a bit! despite her son going to heaven at a very young age after an electrical accident). It was good to thank her for singing with me as a child, and now singing with my children.

It was hard to say goodbye. I think I was more homesick driving home than driving to WV. But feel more at peace now that I was able to have a few days with my WV family. Thank you Lord for a safe trip and thank you for my family.