Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Cutie Pie

Realizing that a winter storm could thwart his birthday plans, Cutie Pie sulkingly said, “I wish I had a summer brithday.”

“We can’t change your birth date but how about if we bring a little summer to your birthday? Would you like to go to the to the beach for your birthday?”


So how does one celebrate their birthday at the beach in February? For starters you can eat pizza in your pajamas while watching a Toy Story marathon.

Enjoy the hotel’s indoor pool -- all to yourself.

Feed the seagulls from the safety of your ocean front balcony

Go bike riding on the boardwalk.

Shop for the largest seashell you can find.

And other unnecessary items...

And that was Cutie Pie's GRAND Birthday at the Beach.

(The toy gun beside Cutie Pie was his Goodwill purchase. Treasure hunting is something else to do at the beach in the winter).