Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Cutie Pie

God truly blessed us with a Sweetheart! Born on Valentine's Eve, Cutie Pie has blessed our lives with so much love. He didn't want a great big party, but he was pleasantly surprised when I told him that the two neighbor girls would be spending the night and eating cake with us.

I insisted the girls bring NO gift with them! So the eldest girl, that I shall call Quick as a Wink, made these awesome penguin sculptures from Sculpey Clay that we baked in the oven and said to Cutie Pie, "Here, this one is for your birthday." That penguin has earned a very special spot in our house : )

Here is an alarm Quick as a Wink made also!

Sweetness made a dog

And aside from stepping on these little beads the next day which drove me to a vacuuming frenzy this craft really keeps hands and heads busy!

I might add that we had a delightful Valentines day as well. The three pink roses are Sweetness' and the red ones are mine.

I leave you with a picture of February 2010! That's my Treasure Hunter! Using what he has and doing the best he can ; )

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Life in 2' of Snow and No Electricity

Winter 2009-2010 will definitely be one for the record books! We haven’t had this much snow since Cutie Pie was born February 2003 when I thought we would be unable to make it home from the hospital! We made it praise the Lord and then was stuck for 3 days. I remember the electricity going off the very next morning, but thankfully was restored before bedtime. We weren‘t so fortunate this last go round. We lost electricity 1 a.m. Friday until 3 p.m. Monday. Being experienced w/ power outages since I married Treasure Hunter and we moved to the country, I had stored flushing, washing and drinking water. However, come Monday morning I was beginning to melt snow!

We were spoiled with a generator that kept our freezer full of venison running. We also ran the fridge, tv, coffee pot, electric griddle, and microwave. The only thing I missed was running water. And I also miss our walks to the creek. Two feet of snow is just too much to trudge through especially considering that Cutie Pie is only 3’. But we have been taking Eve for walks up our plowed road then let her off the leash on the way back. She wanted to run up into the woods so bad!. She would climb upon the snow bank, dive over into the ditch and fall into snow up to her nose! We laughed and laughed!

So here we are now waiting for another storm that should only drop up to 12” this time. I am so thankful that Cutie Pie has planned his birthday celebration to be dinner at Country Cookin’ and a trip to Radio Shack to get an MP3 player. He's not one for crowds or drawing attention to himself and although I think he is too young for an MP3 I am thankful he wants something besides an American Girl Doll.

Treasure Hunter moved my truck out from 2’ of snow and pushed the snow into our yard to make room for more! I asked him, “Where would I be without you?”

“Living in town.” he replied.

I am so thankful that the Lord has put me right where I am and that he is replenishing the ground with much needed moisture! LET IT SNOW!