Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just ONE MORE dip!

School got off to a very good start this year! WE got out the books! Cutie Pie boarded a space shuttle for Saturn and Sweetness boarded a ship to Ireland (taking a much needed break from Britain and France). HOWEVER, we were not quite ready to put up the beach towels. So we hopped in the car for a quick jaunt to VA Beach for one.more.dip
We did fit in a little PE
And on our way home we stopped by the Virginia Air and Space Museum in Hampton. This was an awesome adventure. We began our visit in the IMAX theatre and watched the Hubble movie in 3D. It was so amazing to watch the astronauts repair the Hubble Satelite and then to view the incredible images taken by the Hubble. The vastness of our universe is truly beyond man's comprehension. So here they are beside Apollo 12
Here's Cutie Pie getting ready for take off!
Cutie Pie is pretending to be air sick. Which is exactly how I felt after the roller coaster simulation ride. I do NOT recommend the simulator!
So now it's back to the books tomorrow! I'll leave you with the newest addition to our animal family. Honey Dew!