Monday, March 1, 2010

Countdown to Spring!

We really enjoyed a taste of spring weather today. We were blessed by the company of the neighbor girls, Quick as a Wink and Princess Pea. They begged, "Mrs. B can we pleeeeeeease go to the special spot?" It was a delight to grant their request as the snow finally melted a path for Princess Pea to walk. But she didn't walk, she RAN! We have a lot of trees and woods right here in my yard, but there is somthing enchanting about a cluster of cedar trees situated by a trickling creek.

Appetites were roaring when we returned and I felt oh so blessed to be able to fill four hungry tummies. Hot dogs, mac and cheese, carrot sticks, cheese and crackers and strawberries for desert!

"Mrs. Bemis, I weft my back pack at da special spot." said Princess Pea.

"Well, we'll just have to go get it."

So we walked to the creek once more and then it was time to take them home.

"Mrs. Bemis I forgot my tiger at your house!" declared Princess Pea.

"That's ok! I'll see you tomorrow and I promise to take good care of him tonight."

That closes another chapter in our storybooks. I can't describe the wonderful good feelng of being a stay at home mome, the flexibility of homeschooling, a christian homeschooling neighbor, a husband the works so hard, and a loving Savior to make it all complete!